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More new music! - October 20th, 2011

Hi! Ok, so I finally put up Dweller of the Elm Tree's album Revelation Trash. I know it took a while (sorry Justin!), but hey I'm just a dude.

OTHER exciting news is that ska/punkers Kill Lincoln have agreed to let me put their new (and first [and also super awesome]) album You Were There up for download on this website. I suggest you go download it immediately, because it is ridiculously good and they are going to be super famous one day. After you give it some listens, throw some bones their way and buy the album from them. It's tough to write, record and put out new music if you ain't got no $$$.

I think that's all for now. Eventually I'll get the Signals Midwest/Shady Ave splits in and will make a Physical Records section of the site. Then you'll be able to buy them from me (but you should buy them from the bands first!). Later friends!!

New Additions to the Family! - October 6, 2011

Hey! I have some legit news for you guys! VERY EXCITING!!

FIRST: I am so happy to announce the split that I am a part of. It is a 7" and my friends Signals Midwest are on one side and Pittsburgh's Shady Ave are on the other! I received the test press a week or so ago and it sounds DYNOMITE! I'll have a webstore with it in there eventually, but you should buy it from the bands, because they're the ones out there doing stuff. I just cut Max a check and sat back, waiting for results.

SECOND: Within the week I will be putting up an album from new Great Friend Justin Nelms who plays under the moniker of Dweller of the Elm Tree. He emailed me and after listening to his music I was beyond stoked that he wanted to be a part of this little label. Check out his music and then check him out when he goes on tour!

ALSO: Max Stern made me a new logo! I tried to get him to goatse it up a bit, but it just wasn't working out. However, we here at Great Friends love it (and him!!) anyways. Check it out below! Soon I might redesign the site to look less garish, and I'll probably base the new look around this logo. Maybe, who knows!

Finally! Your Dreams Come True! - August 28th, 2010

Hey guys, so this album has been a long time coming because Dave actually sent it to me a loooong time ago! Tonight I'd like to present to you Dave Zelonka Does Gospel, a trifectorate of ear pleasing Gospel favorites guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a sense of wonder to your brain.

I finally remembered that I really needed to upload this tonight because we were talking about this fake record label for some reason. So check out this awesome recording from great friend Dave Zelonka, long time musician and amazing person.

Upcoming releases:

So seriously check out Dave's new EP, it is super amazing and really fun!

Live Free or Post Hard - December 5th, 2009

Hi everyone! Got a little sneak surprise for you! I'm sooooo happy to announce that the fine folks of Factors of Four have graciously allowed me to rerelease two of their albums!

First up is Whoa!!! which is too short, but really awesome! Get into it!

Secondly, their first full length Grow On Me. If I made top ten lists for things, it would probably be up there along with P.S. Eliot, Bomb The Music Industry, Hop Along, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Kepi Ghoulie, Hard Girls, Hallelujah the Hills, the soundtrack to Glee and a lot more I'm too tired to think of. Point being, it's great and not just "great", but GR8!

Update with a Vengeance! - November 27, 2009

WOAH! BIG NEWS! Where do I start? Ok, ok so first thing you might have noticed is the shiny new domain name! We are officially at http://www.greatfriendsrecords.com until 11/27/2010 or until I renew my registration for longer than a year! WOOO PAR-TAY!

Big news number 2: We have THREE (3) new albums, all of them really great and extremely different!

First is Dr. Jones & the Prescriptions! This is a demo album my dad recorded 5 years ago with some friends of his. It's a pretty bluesy-rock kind of thing.

Second is See You In Court which is another album my dad did, although this one was with his friend Paul and is from 1976!

Last but in no way least is TRAGWAG's new Electric EP. Tyler and his friend Eric recorded it and I am lucky enough to be able to provide it to all you fine people!

So that's it for now! Pretty cool though, right? I'm stoked and I've been working on moving everything over for the past couple hours which was lame, but totally worth it! Hope you all had an awesome Turkey Day!

Update 2: Update Harder! - November 23, 2009

Hi friends! I've got a couple quick announcements!

One: I made a facebook page for this record label so you should please become a fan of it! Check it out here:

Two: I'm going to be announcing a couple of new bands this week, not sure when as I still need to get the music physically onto my computer so I can upload it. But be stoked, because I am!!

Opening Day: ROCKtober 21, 2009! - ROCKtober 21, 2009

Hello friends! I have decided to start my very own netlabel to put out my and my friends' music! I stole the idea and most of the layout from Jeff Rosenstock who runs the first donation based record label. I've had the idea of starting my own label for a while, but never really had the capital to make it happen. Records and CDs aren't cheap to make after all! However, this whole free thing is a lot easier to do and also way more awesome!

All of the music on this site is available completely free of charge for you! I happen to have a sweet host company and am not worried at all about running over my monthly bandwidth here (35GB!) so please tell all your friends and tell them to tell all their friends! It would really warm my heart for the music up here to be listened to by as many people as possible as I'm in half of these bands and friends with everyone in all of them!

Most of the music being offered here is from defunct acts out of the Severna Park and Arnold, Maryland skafunkrastapunk scene, with the exception of Dave Zelonka who is not defunct and has moved to Seattle. I'd talk about the bands but I've already written up some lines about each of them on their album pages, and the redundancy would be just a little too redundant. However, I am glad to announce a couple of upcoming releases from Great Friends:

Arquimedez Pozo - Making Love The Chris Schaeffer Way

I have been in talks with Mr. Pozo regarding his first release and he has graciously agreed to allow me to host not only his first album but the approximately 40 page booklet that will be coming with it. I have news that the album will be finished in the next 1-36 months, so keep a sharp lookout!

Jeremy Latimer & Dave Zelonka - A Split!

I have also been in talks with Dave and apparently him and Jeremy will be recording a split together! I'm not sure when it is coming out, but I'm pretty sure Dave said it would be cool for it to be put out here! I have no idea what it will sound like, but they're both awesome musicians and I know it will be really rad! Check out Jeremy's stuff at his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jeremylatimer and get hyped!

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