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The Hunch


This band was basically the reincarnation of Quazimodo & The Hunch, minus Billy and Diana. Dave approached me (woah, it's Scott!) over the internet in the summer of 2007? about starting a new band. I was like "totally brah" and then Steve and I learned a couple songs, but we weren't good at guitar and bass yet. Luckily Mikey came back from dolphineering in Florida and we sounded pretty decent because he's good at singing and playing guitar at the same time. We recorded a demo that summer so we wouldn't forget our songs because most of us would be at college for the next year. We played a couple shows after that, but the summer of 2009 was a busy time. We played at The Ottobar, Charm City Art Space (to the band No Harm Done, no one else showed up :/ ) and we also recorded this slightly better sounding EP. So check it out and enjoy y'all!

Scott Jones - Bass Guitar, Vocal Stylings and Lyrics
Steve Kincer - Guitar and sweeeeet Tenor Saxophone
Mike O'Boyle - Lead Guitar, Lyrics and An Angel's Vocal Chords
Dave Zelonka - Drums, Phat Beats and The Best Lyrics

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