Dr. Jones & the Prescriptions - Demo

Dr. Jones & the Prescriptions


A short blues-rock inspired album that is the brainchild of my dad, Russ! He had some great songs and an awesome cover, so he booked some studio time and went in with a few friends to make a little demo! Released for the first time online, this is a great and energetic demo. Blast it in the car, blast it at the beach and blast it in the shower! My personal favorite is Sedona, because he sang it once while we were at Philmont. It was a cloudless night and you could see the Milky Way glowing up in the sky. Someone had a guitar for some reason, and my dad played that while we were sitting around the fire. A delight!
\nAll songs written by my dad except Black Cadillac by Catfish Hodge.

Russell Jones - Vocals, Guitars
Roy Hottel - Drums
Eric Bouchard - Bass
Michael McHenry - Additional Guitars

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