Russ and Paul - See You In Court

Russ and Paul

See You In Court

This is an album I'm REALLY stoked to bring you! See You In Court was recorded by my dad and his friend Paul back in 1976! It was released through Buffalo Records who either moved to California or don't exist any more. Either way, let's hope we avoid legal action for giving this away!
This album has a really classic, '70s groovy great rock feel to it. I've only listened to it a few times so far, but it's on my iPod and will definitely be in the rotation for a while! So you should check it out! But if my words aren't enough, here's what Billboard said in 1979:

Soft country rock, a la America or Poco is what this duo of Russell Jones and Paul Murray performs. Both sing and play acoustic guitars, though they are backed by an amplified band that interestingly enough makes use of the saxophone, trombone and trumpet. The LP moves at a pleasany pace, sounding professional and well constructed throughout. - Billbboard's Recommended LPs, 1979

Russell Jones - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Paul Murray - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Thadeus Colbreath III - Drums
Ron Bolz - Bass
Michael Maye - Bass [In Love Again]
Steuart Smith - Electric Guitars, Classical Guitar, Electric Piano
Frank Michels - Electric Guitars [Heart in the City & See You in the Morning]
Mark Greenhouse - Electric Piano [Summer Days], Acoustic Piano
Eugene Thorne - Saxophone, Flute
Ben Harvey - Trombones
Don Ryer - Trumpets
Wesley Lowe - Buffalo Strigns & Horns [Arranged and Conducted]
"Let it Come From Inside You"

  • Strings Arranged by Kip Suss
  • Conducted by David Berry
  • Special Effects by The Paulettes
Processed with the Aphex Aural Exciter

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