TRAGWAG - Electric EP


Electric EP

These songs were recorded in one day after these two best friends hadn't seen each other for months. Go play music with your best friend in your basement.
If you don't know about TRAGWAG (That Really Awesome Guy With A Guitar) then you are MISSING OUT YO! Tyler and Ali (who isn't on this) played an awesome set at a show I did back in August and everyone had an awesome time watching them. Tyler messaged me a few days ago about putting this out, so here it is!
Unlike the other TRAGWAG CD I have, this is a completely Electric album. Also it rules a lot! Catchy riffs and lyrics and smoooooooooooth singing. Check it out! For lyrics, here's a pdf.

Tyler Bisson - Lyrics, Music, Instruments and Voice
Dan Erickson - Drums

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