Factors of Four - Whoa!!!

Factors of Four


Often referred to as a "young band with moxie", Factors of Four is a phenomenal band out of Philly. I was lucky enough to see them play with Lemuria, Cheap Girls and Monument in DC once and have been totally hooked since!

I'm super stoked to bring you their first EP. Originally released on January 16th 2009, it has been repackaged (in a zip file on my computer) to enhance it digitally (a lie)

This album is like a sometimes rough, but mostly fresh and exhilarating ice cold drink during the summer time. Maybe a mint julep. Anyway, make sure you check this out now!!

Naomi Davidoff- Vocals
Tim Sweeney- Guitar/Vocals
Ed McNulty- Bass
Frank Hafto- Drums

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