Factors of Four - Grow On Me

Factors of Four

Grow On Me

Like I mentioned before, I first saw Factors of Four in D.C. and it was awesome. Afterward I bought this CD from them and it was in the CD Player in my car for probably a good 33% of the summer. Seriously, it's THAT good!

This album just rocks the whole way through. There's awesome riffs, catchy choruses, surprisingly great drumming and really, really wonderful singing. If you can't enjoy this album then you gotta get your ears fixed, because they're WRONG

Originally released on June 13th, 2009, these CDs came in these spray painted, hand sewn, cloth cases with some sort of card keeping it together. It did not come with lyrics however, so I had to ask Naomi for the lyrics to the chorus of my favorite song, Dirt Drawings. Here they are:

through the caves we echoed our greatest fears
we remembered our lives and rejoiced in the years of relief
times are tough in the rocks when your bones fossiled up
down the walls after drinking the last drop

Get this and enjoy it!

Naomi Davidoff- Vocals
Tim Sweeney- Guitar/Vocals
Ed McNulty- Bass
Frank Hafto- Drums

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